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The beautiful city of Dresden

Elegant Elbe

This cruise is covered by Viking Cruises under ATOL 3124
(itinerary also available in reverse)

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This truly is an elegant river cruise, travelling between Berlin and Prague and including a night in each wonderful destination to let you get to grips with the marvels each city holds. As part of your cruise you’ll explore the majestic architecture of Germany and the Czech Republic and delve into the rich heritage each town or city holds. Take an organised tour to learn about the Protestant Reformation in Wittenberg, explore the intriguing city of Dresden that suffered such destruction during the Second World War, enjoy Bohemian beer tasting in Litomerice; this packed itinerary is truly fascinating.


Itinerary - (itinerary also available in reverse)

#Port of Call
  • 1Prague
  • 2Prague
  • 3Melnik
  • 4Litomerice
  • 5Saxon Switzerland
  • 6Dresden
  • 7Meissen
  • 8Torgau
  • 9Wittenberg
  • 10Dessau
  • 11Magdeburg
  • 12Potsdam
  • 13Berlin
  • 14Berlin

What´s included in the price

The world's leading river cruise line

  • Return travel & overseas transfers
  • Deluxe en-suite accommodation with river view
  • All on board meals
  • Specially selected wine, beer and soft drinks served with lunch and dinner on board
  • Complimentary tea and coffee - help yourself whenever you fancy
  • visits UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Cultural enrichment programme for an in-depth understanding of the places you visit
  • Unlimited free Wi-Fi
  • All port taxes & fees
  • one complimentary shore excursion in every port of call

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Dates and Prices - Prague to Berlin

Cruise also available in reverse, see below for the Berlin to Prague dates and prices

DayShipPrices from pp 
08 Apr 2018Viking BeylaSOLD OUT
13 Apr 2018Viking Astrild£4395
18 Apr 2018Viking BeylaSOLD OUT
23 Apr 2018Viking AstrildSOLD OUT
28 Apr 2018Viking Beyla£3295
03 May 2018Viking Astrild£2895
was £3895
08 May 2018Viking Beyla£3895
13 May 2018Viking AstrildSOLD OUT
18 May 2018Viking Beyla£3395
was £3895
23 May 2018Viking Astrild£3395
was £3895
28 May 2018Viking Beyla£3395
was £3895
02 Jun 2018Viking Astrild£3395
was £3895
07 Jun 2018Viking Beyla£3395
was £3895
12 Jun 2018Viking Astrild£3395
was £3895
17 Jun 2018Viking Beyla£4995
22 Jun 2018Viking Astrild£3795
was £4295
27 Jun 2018Viking Beyla£3395
was £3895
02 Jul 2018Viking Astrild£4695
07 Jul 2018Viking Beyla£3095
was £3595
12 Jul 2018Viking Astrild£3595
17 Jul 2018Viking Beyla£3595
22 Jul 2018Viking Astrild£3595
27 Jul 2018Viking Beyla£3595
01 Aug 2018Viking Astrild£3595
06 Aug 2018Viking Beyla£3595
11 Aug 2018Viking Astrild£3595
16 Aug 2018Viking Beyla£3595
21 Aug 2018Viking Astrild£3595
26 Aug 2018Viking Beyla£3095
was £3595
31 Aug 2018Viking Astrild£3595
05 Sep 2018Viking Beyla£3995
10 Sep 2018Viking Astrild£3995
15 Sep 2018Viking Beyla£3995
20 Sep 2018Viking Astrild£3995
25 Sep 2018Viking Beyla£3995
30 Sep 2018Viking Astrild£3995
05 Oct 2018Viking Beyla£3995
was £4495
10 Oct 2018Viking Astrild£3995
was £4495
15 Oct 2018Viking Beyla£3395
20 Oct 2018Viking Astrild£3395
25 Oct 2018Viking Beyla£3395
30 Oct 2018Viking Astrild£3395
04 Nov 2018Viking Beyla£4195
09 Nov 2018Viking Astrild£3495
08 Mar 2019Viking Beyla£2095
13 Mar 2019Viking Astrild£2095
13 Mar 2019Viking Astrild£2095
18 Mar 2019Viking Beyla£2095
23 Mar 2019Viking Astrild£2095
28 Mar 2019Viking Beyla£2095
02 Apr 2019Viking Astrild£2295
07 Apr 2019Viking Beyla£2295
12 Apr 2019Viking Astrild£2295
17 Apr 2019Viking Beyla£2295
22 Apr 2019Viking Astrild£2295
02 May 2019Viking Astrild£2895
07 May 2019Viking Beyla£2895
12 May 2019Viking Astrild£2895
17 May 2019Viking Beyla£2895
22 May 2019Viking Astrild£2895
27 May 2019Viking Beyla£2895
01 Jun 2019Viking Astrild£2895
06 Jun 2019Viking Beyla£2895
11 Jun 2019Viking Astrild£2895
16 Jun 2019Viking Beyla£2895
21 Jun 2019Viking Astrild£2895
26 Jun 2019Viking Beyla£2895
01 Jul 2019Viking Astrild£2595
06 Jul 2019Viking Beyla£2595
11 Jul 2019Viking Astrild£2595
16 Jul 2019Viking Beyla£2595
21 Jul 2019Viking Astrild£2595
26 Jul 2019Viking Beyla£2595
31 Jul 2019Viking Astrild£2595
05 Aug 2019Viking Beyla£2595
10 Aug 2019Viking Astrild£2595
15 Aug 2019Viking Beyla£2595
20 Aug 2019Viking Astrild£2595
25 Aug 2019Viking Beyla£2595
30 Aug 2019Viking Astrild£2595
04 Sep 2019Viking Beyla£2995
09 Sep 2019Viking Astrild£2995
14 Sep 2019Viking Beyla£2995
19 Sep 2019Viking Astrild£2995
24 Sep 2019Viking Beyla£2995
29 Sep 2019Viking Astrild£2995
04 Oct 2019Viking Beyla£2395
09 Oct 2019Viking Astrild£2395
14 Oct 2019Viking Beyla£2395
19 Oct 2019Viking Astrild£2395
24 Oct 2019Viking Beyla£2395
29 Oct 2019Viking Astrild£2395
03 Nov 2019Viking Beyla£2095
08 Nov 2019Viking Astrild£2095

Berlin to Prague

DayShipPrices from pp 
08 Apr 2018Viking Astrild£4495
13 Apr 2018Viking BeylaSOLD OUT
18 Apr 2018Viking AstrildSOLD OUT
23 Apr 2018Viking BeylaSOLD OUT
28 Apr 2018Viking AstrildSOLD OUT
03 May 2018Viking Beyla£3395
was £3895
08 May 2018Viking Astrild£3395
was £3895
13 May 2018Viking Beyla£3395
was £3895
18 May 2018Viking Astrild£3395
was £3895
23 May 2018Viking Beyla£3395
was £3895
28 May 2018Viking Astrild£3395
was £3895
02 Jun 2018Viking Beyla£3395
was £3895
07 Jun 2018Viking Astrild£3395
was £3895
12 Jun 2018Viking Beyla£3395
was £3895
17 Jun 2018Viking Astrild£3395
was £3895
22 Jun 2018Viking Beyla£3395
was £3895
27 Jun 2018Viking Astrild£3395
was £3895
02 Jul 2018Viking Beyla£4695
07 Jul 2018Viking Astrild£3095
was £3595
12 Jul 2018Viking Beyla£3095
was £3595
17 Jul 2018Viking Astrild£4695
22 Jul 2018Viking Beyla£3595
27 Jul 2018Viking Astrild£3595
01 Aug 2018Viking Beyla£3595
06 Aug 2018Viking Astrild£3595
11 Aug 2018Viking Beyla£3595
16 Aug 2018Viking Astrild£3595
21 Aug 2018Viking Beyla£3595
26 Aug 2018Viking Astrild£3695
31 Aug 2018Viking Beyla£3095
was £3595
05 Sep 2018Viking Astrild£3995
10 Sep 2018Viking Beyla£3995
15 Sep 2018Viking Astrild£3995
20 Sep 2018Viking Beyla£3995
25 Sep 2018Viking Astrild£3995
30 Sep 2018Viking Beyla£3995
05 Oct 2018Viking AstrildCALL
10 Oct 2018Viking Beyla£4095
was £4595
15 Oct 2018Viking Astrild£2895
was £3395
20 Oct 2018Viking Beyla£3395
25 Oct 2018Viking Astrild£3395
30 Oct 2018Viking Beyla£3395
04 Nov 2018Viking Astrild£4195
09 Nov 2018Viking Beyla£3495
26 Jan 2019Viking AstrildSOLD OUT
08 Mar 2019Viking Astrild£2095
13 Mar 2019Viking Beyla£2095
18 Mar 2019Viking Astrild£2095
23 Mar 2019Viking Beyla£2095
28 Mar 2019Viking Astrild£2095
02 Apr 2019Viking Beyla£2295
07 Apr 2019Viking Astrild£2295
12 Apr 2019Viking Beyla£2295
17 Apr 2019Viking Astrild£2295
22 Apr 2019Viking Beyla£2295
27 Apr 2019Viking Astrild£2295
02 May 2019Viking Beyla£2895
07 May 2019Viking Beyla£2895
12 May 2019Viking Beyla£2895
17 May 2019Viking Astrild£2895
22 May 2019Viking Beyla£2895
27 May 2019Viking Astrild£2895
01 Jun 2019Viking Beyla£2895
06 Jun 2019Viking Astrild£2895
11 Jun 2019Viking Beyla£2895
16 Jun 2019Viking Astrild£2895
21 Jun 2019Viking Beyla£2895
26 Jun 2019Viking Astrild£2895
01 Jul 2019Viking Beyla£2595
06 Jul 2019Viking Astrild£2595
11 Jul 2019Viking Beyla£2595
16 Jul 2019Viking Astrild£2595
21 Jul 2019Viking Beyla£2595
26 Jul 2019Viking Astrild£2595
31 Jul 2019Viking Astrild£2595
05 Aug 2019Viking Astrild£2595
10 Aug 2019Viking Beyla£2595
15 Aug 2019Viking Astrild£2595
20 Aug 2019Viking Beyla£2595
25 Aug 2019Viking Astrild£2595
30 Aug 2019Viking Beyla£2595
04 Sep 2019Viking Astrild£2995
09 Sep 2019Viking Beyla£2995
14 Sep 2019Viking Astrild£2995
19 Sep 2019Viking Beyla£2995
24 Sep 2019Viking Astrild£2995
29 Sep 2019Viking Beyla£2995
04 Oct 2019Viking Astrild£2395
09 Oct 2019Viking Beyla£2395
14 Oct 2019Viking Astrild£2395
19 Oct 2019Viking Beyla£2395
24 Oct 2019Viking Astrild£2395
29 Oct 2019Viking Beyla£2395
03 Nov 2019Viking Astrild£2095
08 Nov 2019Viking Beyla£2095

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