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The stunning parliament buildings of Budapest

Romantic Danube

This cruise is covered by Viking Cruises under ATOL 3124
(itinerary also available in reverse)

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Set sail on the incredible Danube River and discover the delights of some wonderful destinations on this 8 day river cruise itinerary. You’ll begin in Budapest, home to many amazing landmarks including the impressive Parliament building that overlooks the river. It’s then onto Vienna, home of many influential composers throughout history and now the place to check out amazing orchestral performances. Onwards to Krems and Passau, true gems with amazing surrounding scenery, before the historic German destinations of Regensburg and Nuremberg, with beautiful medieval architecture to explore along with landmarks dedicated to more recent events in the Second World War.


Itinerary - (itinerary also available in reverse)

#Port of Call
  • 1Nuremberg
  • 2Nuremberg
  • 5Regensburg
  • 6Passau
  • 7Krems
  • 9Vienna
  • 10Budapest
  • 11Budapest

What´s included in the price

  • Return flights from the UK
  • All overseas transfers
  • Full-board dining on-board
  • Speciality tea and coffee at any time on-board
  • Quality beer and wine with lunch and dinner
  • FREE Wi-Fi on-board
  • An included shore excursions in almost every port
FREEPHONE to book 9am to 8pm
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Dates and Prices - Nuremberg to Budapest

Cruise also available in reverse, see below for the Budapest to Nuremberg dates and prices

DayShipPrices from pp 
26 Oct 2018Viking VarSOLD OUT
27 Oct 2018Viking EgilSOLD OUT
28 Oct 2018Viking JarlSOLD OUT
02 Nov 2018Viking TorSOLD OUT
03 Nov 2018Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
04 Nov 2018Viking AtlaSOLD OUT
09 Nov 2018Viking VarSOLD OUT
10 Nov 2018Viking EgilSOLD OUT
11 Nov 2018Viking JarlSOLD OUT
16 Nov 2018Viking TorSOLD OUT
17 Nov 2018Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
18 Nov 2018Viking AtlaSOLD OUT
23 Nov 2018Viking VarSOLD OUT
24 Nov 2018Viking EgilSOLD OUT
25 Nov 2018Viking JarlSOLD OUT
01 Dec 2018Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
02 Dec 2018Viking AtlaSOLD OUT
08 Dec 2018Viking EgilSOLD OUT
09 Dec 2018Viking JarlSOLD OUT
15 Dec 2018Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
13 Apr 2019Viking EgilSOLD OUT
19 Apr 2019Viking Tor£1895
20 Apr 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
21 Apr 2019Viking Atla£3245
26 Apr 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
27 Apr 2019Viking Egil£6245
28 Apr 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
03 May 2019Viking Tor£2295
04 May 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
05 May 2019Viking Atla£2295
10 May 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
11 May 2019Viking Egil£2295
12 May 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
17 May 2019Viking AlsvinSOLD OUT
17 May 2019Viking Tor£2295
18 May 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
19 May 2019Viking Atla£2295
24 May 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
25 May 2019Viking Egil£2295
26 May 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
31 May 2019Viking Tor£2295
01 Jun 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
02 Jun 2019Viking Atla£2295
07 Jun 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
08 Jun 2019Viking Egil£2295
09 Jun 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
14 Jun 2019Viking Tor£2295
15 Jun 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
16 Jun 2019Viking Atla£2295
21 Jun 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
22 Jun 2019Viking Egil£2295
23 Jun 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
28 Jun 2019Viking Tor£2295
29 Jun 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
30 Jun 2019Viking Atla£2295
05 Jul 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
06 Jul 2019Viking Egil£2245
07 Jul 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
12 Jul 2019Viking Tor£2095
13 Jul 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
14 Jul 2019Viking Atla£2095
19 Jul 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
20 Jul 2019Viking Egil£2095
21 Jul 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
26 Jul 2019Viking Tor£2095
27 Jul 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
28 Jul 2019Viking Atla£2095
02 Aug 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
03 Aug 2019Viking Egil£2095
04 Aug 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
09 Aug 2019Viking Tor£2095
10 Aug 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
11 Aug 2019Viking Atla£2095
16 Aug 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
17 Aug 2019Viking Egil£2095
18 Aug 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
23 Aug 2019Viking Tor£2095
24 Aug 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
25 Aug 2019Viking Atla£2095
30 Aug 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
31 Aug 2019Viking Egil£2245
01 Sep 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
06 Sep 2019Viking Tor£2295
07 Sep 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
08 Sep 2019Viking Atla£2295
13 Sep 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
14 Sep 2019Viking Egil£2295
15 Sep 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
20 Sep 2019Viking Tor£2295
21 Sep 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
22 Sep 2019Viking Atla£2295
27 Sep 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
28 Sep 2019Viking Egil£2295
29 Sep 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
30 Sep 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
04 Oct 2019Viking Tor£2445
05 Oct 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
06 Oct 2019Viking Atla£2295
11 Oct 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
12 Oct 2019Viking Egil£2295
13 Oct 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
18 Oct 2019Viking Tor£1995
19 Oct 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
20 Oct 2019Viking Atla£1995
25 Oct 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
26 Oct 2019Viking Egil£2145
27 Oct 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
01 Nov 2019Viking Tor£1995
02 Nov 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
03 Nov 2019Viking Atla£1995
08 Nov 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
09 Nov 2019Viking Egil£1995
10 Nov 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
15 Nov 2019Viking Tor£1495
was £2095
16 Nov 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
17 Nov 2019Viking Atla£1495
was £2245
22 Nov 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
23 Nov 2019Viking Egil£1345
24 Nov 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
29 Nov 2019Viking Tor£2445
30 Nov 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
01 Dec 2019Viking Atla£2395
06 Dec 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
07 Dec 2019Viking Var£2445
08 Dec 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
13 Dec 2019Viking Tor£2145
14 Dec 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
15 Dec 2019Viking Atla£2145
20 Dec 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
22 Dec 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
27 Dec 2019Viking Tor£2145
05 Apr 2020Viking AtlaCALL
12 Apr 2020Viking JarlCALL
19 Apr 2020Viking AtlaCALL
26 Apr 2020Viking JarlCALL
03 May 2020Viking AtlaCALL
10 May 2020Viking JarlCALL
17 May 2020Viking AtlaCALL
31 May 2020Viking AtlaCALL
14 Jun 2020Viking AtlaCALL
28 Jun 2020Viking AtlaCALL
12 Jul 2020Viking AtlaCALL
26 Jul 2020Viking AtlaCALL
09 Aug 2020Viking AtlaCALL
23 Aug 2020Viking AtlaCALL
06 Sep 2020Viking AtlaCALL
20 Sep 2020Viking AtlaCALL
11 Oct 2020Viking JarlCALL
18 Oct 2020Viking AtlaCALL
25 Oct 2020Viking JarlCALL
01 Nov 2020Viking AtlaCALL
08 Nov 2020Viking JarlCALL
15 Nov 2020Viking AtlaCALL
22 Nov 2020Viking JarlCALL
29 Nov 2020Viking AtlaCALL
06 Dec 2020Viking JarlCALL
13 Dec 2020Viking AtlaCALL
20 Dec 2020Viking JarlCALL

Budapest to Nuremberg

DayShipPrices from pp 
26 Oct 2018Viking TorSOLD OUT
27 Oct 2018Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
28 Oct 2018Viking AtlaSOLD OUT
02 Nov 2018Viking VarSOLD OUT
03 Nov 2018Viking EgilSOLD OUT
04 Nov 2018Viking JarlSOLD OUT
09 Nov 2018Viking TorSOLD OUT
10 Nov 2018Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
11 Nov 2018Viking AtlaSOLD OUT
16 Nov 2018Viking VarSOLD OUT
17 Nov 2018Viking EgilSOLD OUT
18 Nov 2018Viking JarlSOLD OUT
24 Nov 2018Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
25 Nov 2018Viking AtlaSOLD OUT
01 Dec 2018Viking EgilSOLD OUT
02 Dec 2018Viking JarlSOLD OUT
08 Dec 2018Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
09 Dec 2018Viking AtlaSOLD OUT
15 Dec 2018Viking EgilSOLD OUT
13 Apr 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
14 Apr 2019Viking Atla£3245
19 Apr 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
20 Apr 2019Viking EgilSOLD OUT
21 Apr 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
26 Apr 2019Viking TorSOLD OUT
27 Apr 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
28 Apr 2019Viking AtlaSOLD OUT
03 May 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
04 May 2019Viking Egil£2295
05 May 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
10 May 2019Viking Tor£2295
11 May 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
12 May 2019Viking Atla£2295
17 May 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
18 May 2019Viking Egil£2295
19 May 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
24 May 2019Viking Alsvin£2295
24 May 2019Viking Tor£2295
25 May 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
26 May 2019Viking Atla£2295
31 May 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
01 Jun 2019Viking Egil£2295
02 Jun 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
07 Jun 2019Viking Tor£2295
08 Jun 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
09 Jun 2019Viking Atla£2295
14 Jun 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
15 Jun 2019Viking Egil£2295
16 Jun 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
21 Jun 2019Viking Tor£2295
22 Jun 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
23 Jun 2019Viking Atla£2295
28 Jun 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
29 Jun 2019Viking Egil£2295
30 Jun 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
05 Jul 2019Viking Tor£2095
06 Jul 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
07 Jul 2019Viking Atla£2095
12 Jul 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
13 Jul 2019Viking Egil£2095
14 Jul 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
19 Jul 2019Viking Tor£2095
20 Jul 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
21 Jul 2019Viking Atla£2095
26 Jul 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
27 Jul 2019Viking Egil£2095
28 Jul 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
02 Aug 2019Viking Tor£2095
03 Aug 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
04 Aug 2019Viking Atla£2095
09 Aug 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
10 Aug 2019Viking Egil£2095
was £2845
11 Aug 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
16 Aug 2019Viking Tor£2095
17 Aug 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
18 Aug 2019Viking Atla£2095
23 Aug 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
24 Aug 2019Viking Egil£2095
25 Aug 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
30 Aug 2019Viking Tor£2095
31 Aug 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
01 Sep 2019Viking Atla£2295
06 Sep 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
07 Sep 2019Viking Egil£2295
08 Sep 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
13 Sep 2019Viking Tor£2295
14 Sep 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
15 Sep 2019Viking Atla£2295
20 Sep 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
21 Sep 2019Viking Egil£2295
22 Sep 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
27 Sep 2019Viking Tor£2295
28 Sep 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
29 Sep 2019Viking Atla£2295
04 Oct 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
05 Oct 2019Viking Egil£2295
06 Oct 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
11 Oct 2019Viking Tor£2295
12 Oct 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
13 Oct 2019Viking Atla£2295
18 Oct 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
19 Oct 2019Viking Egil£1995
20 Oct 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
25 Oct 2019Viking Tor£1995
26 Oct 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
27 Oct 2019Viking Atla£1995
01 Nov 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
02 Nov 2019Viking Egil£1995
03 Nov 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
08 Nov 2019Viking Tor£1995
09 Nov 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
10 Nov 2019Viking Atla£1995
15 Nov 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
16 Nov 2019Viking Egil£1495
17 Nov 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
22 Nov 2019Viking Tor£1345
23 Nov 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
24 Nov 2019Viking Atla£1495
29 Nov 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
30 Nov 2019Viking EgilSOLD OUT
01 Dec 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
06 Dec 2019Viking Tor£2445
07 Dec 2019Viking GullveigSOLD OUT
08 Dec 2019Viking Atla£2145
13 Dec 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
14 Dec 2019Viking Egil£2145
15 Dec 2019Viking JarlSOLD OUT
20 Dec 2019Viking Tor£2145
22 Dec 2019Viking Atla£2145
27 Dec 2019Viking VarSOLD OUT
05 Apr 2020Viking JarlCALL
12 Apr 2020Viking AtlaCALL
19 Apr 2020Viking JarlCALL
26 Apr 2020Viking AtlaCALL
03 May 2020Viking JarlCALL
10 May 2020Viking AtlaCALL
17 May 2020Viking JarlCALL
24 May 2020Viking AtlaCALL
31 May 2020Viking JarlCALL
07 Jun 2020Viking AtlaCALL
14 Jun 2020Viking JarlCALL
21 Jun 2020Viking AtlaCALL
28 Jun 2020Viking JarlCALL
05 Jul 2020Viking AtlaCALL
12 Jul 2020Viking JarlCALL
19 Jul 2020Viking AtlaCALL
26 Jul 2020Viking JarlCALL
02 Aug 2020Viking AtlaCALL
09 Aug 2020Viking JarlCALL
16 Aug 2020Viking AtlaCALL
23 Aug 2020Viking JarlCALL
30 Aug 2020Viking AtlaCALL
06 Sep 2020Viking JarlCALL
13 Sep 2020Viking AtlaCALL
20 Sep 2020Viking JarlCALL
27 Sep 2020Viking AtlaCALL
04 Oct 2020Viking JarlCALL
11 Oct 2020Viking AtlaCALL
18 Oct 2020Viking JarlCALL
25 Oct 2020Viking AtlaCALL
01 Nov 2020Viking JarlCALL
08 Nov 2020Viking AtlaCALL
15 Nov 2020Viking JarlCALL
22 Nov 2020Viking AtlaCALL
29 Nov 2020Viking JarlCALL
06 Dec 2020Viking AtlaCALL
13 Dec 2020Viking JarlCALL
20 Dec 2020Viking AtlaCALL
FREEPHONE to book 9am to 8pm
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