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Nestled in the heart of Europe is the landlocked country of Hungary – a country rich in history, it’s become a melting pot of culture and traditions influenced by rulers of its past; something also evident in both the architecture, wine, and cuisine.  Its architecture a perfect blend of Romantic, Byzantine, and Gothic elements; its wine full-bodied; and its cuisine hearty and spicy.  Music and dance are of great importance here, playing a central role in Hungarian culture; celebrated through an array of both modern and traditional festivals taking place almost every month, making Hungary an ideal year-round destination. 


Drifting through Hungary from north to south lies the Danube River.  Passing breath-taking natural landscapes with vineyard-covered slopes as it flows - a picturesque backdrop for wine enthusiasts.  Voyages sailing the Danube often feature the Hungary’s legendary capital, Budapest, with many itineraries travelling northwest commencing or ending their journeys there.  Others sail further east to include a stop at the Hungarian port of Kalocsa before exploring several eastern European countries.


From lively music festivals; the bustling streets of Budapest; to the serene countryside, Hungary is a country offering a diverse array of experiences for every type of traveller.



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Exploring Hungary




Straddling the banks of the grand Danube River, is the capital city of Hungary - Budapest.  A key destination in most itineraries along the Danube, Budapest is often an embarkation or disembarkation port allowing guests the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the country’s legendary capital as part of one or two night overnight stays.  


A city renowned for its stunning architecture, well known features include the dominating medieval Buda Castle, the spectacular Hungarian Parliament Building, and the symbolic Chain Bridge. As you make your evening departure from Budapest, be sure to head to the top deck to see views of these iconic structures bathed in light against the backdrop of the night sky.  It’s a magnificent sight.  For visitors seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, the city is known as the ‘City of Healing Waters’, owing to its 9 medicinal thermal baths – the largest and most popular being Széchenyi Baths, with Gellért Baths being another popular alternative.


A great draw for lovers of food is the bustling Great Market Hall, where visitors can savour local specialties and delicacies as well as purchasing fresh produce, wines, and souvenirs.



Hungary Travel Tips

The currency in Hungary is the Hungarian Forint.

Be sure to taste Hungary’s national dish, Goulash - A soup or stew consisting of meat and vegetables seasoned with paprika and spices; or Chimney Cake – A cinnamon infused sweetened cylinder-shaped dough roasted over an open fire, served with a variety of sweet or savoury ingredients.



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