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AMA Waterways operates the newest, most state-of-the-art fleet of river cruise vessels that operate river cruises in Europe, river cruises in Africa, Vietnam river cruises, and Cambodia river cruises. Since its debut in 2002, AMA Waterways river cruises has redefined river cruising with innovations that have set new standards in the industry.


The line's luxurious ships feature state-of-the-art public areas, new amenities and services, exquisitely decorated staterooms and gourmet dining; all of which provide an unparalleled river cruise holiday. Each of its vessels carries its guests in unequalled luxury, comfort and style and is staffed by a highly-trained professional crew, with an ongoing emphasis on personal service. AMAWaterways river cruises offer a holiday experience that is second to none.


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Each of the ships in AmaWaterways’ expansive fleet offers everything you could possibly need from a river voyage and more, with each ship custom-designed to suit your needs. As soon as you step on-board you will be welcomed by the cruise ship manager. You’ll soon get the sense that everyone is your friend on-board as each crew member ensures they remember your name and makes every effort to help you feel very much at home. Take advantage of our river cruise deals to find the perfect cruise at

This is a river cruise line that has been leading the way in innovation since its birth in 2002. It was the first river cruise line to offer French balconies, complimentary in-room internet access, award-winning cuisine, and guided bicycle excursions for the ultimate experience when you sail into port. So make sure when you are booking a luxury river cruise, it is with AMAWaterways river cruises.


AMAWaterways River Cruise Destinations

AMA Waterways river cruises sail in a huge range of countries and rivers. You can explore many European countries on river cruises in France, Germany river cruises, and Holland river cruises on the Rhine. Explore river cruises in Hungary and Serbia river cruises on the Danube, amongst many other amazing destinations, such as Portugal river cruises


The destinations don’t just include Europe. You can explore all of Asia on-board Asia river cruises and also travel down the longest river in the world as you traverse the Nile on an Egypt river cruise. Wherever you decide to go, the AMA Waterways River Cruise makes the perfect holiday. Explore our last minute cruise deals and get a real bargain, or book in advance and box off your 2025 river cruise today.


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If you are looking for an AMAWaterways river cruise and need some help with your booking or just need some travel advice, then be sure to get in touch with us and call our freephone service at 0800 1970854 or email us at [email protected], and one of our friendly and helpful staff will be on hand to assist you with any queries. 

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