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When sailing the Danube, the possibilities are endless when it comes to food. Visiting ten countries in total, the river offers a wide variety of dishes for guests to sample when cruising through the region.

Crossing through Austria, Germany and Romania (to name a few), your dream Danube journey is bound to feature at least one of these five traditional dishes.

Regensburg – pork sausages

Rows of pork sausage, or bratwurst, at a street vendor in Regensburg on the Danube

Close to the source of the Danube lies Regensburg, a UNESCO World Heritage City and one of Germany’s best preserved medieval towns. Here, guests can visit the traditional sausage restaurant, Historische Wurstkuchl, to sample a local delicacy down by the river.

These are usually served alongside sauerkraut, mustard and a crisp bread roll – even more enjoyable when eaten in one of the oldest kitchens in the world, dating back to 1146 AD!

Passau – pralines

Delectable praline chocolates on a stone counter in Passau on the Danube

Further along the Danube, Passau presents a sweeter tooth with elegant pralines to taste while visiting the region. Cafés and confectioners along the river still hand-craft these treats using the same methods as two hundred years ago. Ingredients include caramelised almonds and liqueur-soaked apricots set in exquisite chocolate casings, some of which are then decorated with an edible 23-carat gold leaf; adding a little decadence to a visit along the banks of Passau.

Vienna – wiener schnitzel

Two breaded wiener schnitzel fillets on a plate in a restaurant in Vienna

Few people can visit the Danube and not try the traditional wiener schnitzel, popular throughout many German and Austrian regions as a golden-fried delicacy. The best way to eat wiener schnitzel is al fresco, in Vienna, where a number of picturesque outdoor restaurants serve this dish. With its succulent and seasoned veal escalope, parsley-sprinkled potatoes and a simple lemon wedge, wiener schnitzel is a highlight of any Danube river cruise.

Bratislava – kapustnica

A pan of traditional kapustnica on a countertop in Bratislava

Jules / Flickr.com, CC BY 2.0

On sailing into Slovakia, Bratislavia boasts unique foods to warm the heart: one dish specifically is the Kapustnica, or cabbage soup. This is a thick Slovak-speciality which is traditionally prepared at the end of the year, but can be enjoyed by tourists all year round throughout Bratislavia due to its popularity.

The soup typically contains smoked meats, sausages and mushrooms, thickened up with cream and potatoes to create a true comfort food.

Romania – tochitura

A plate of traditional tochitura topped with a fried egg in Romania

Jeffreyw / Filckr.com , CC BY 2.0

Nearing the mouth of the Danube you will find Romania, as the river courses along the whole northern border of this rustic region before meeting the Black Sea on the western side. A regular restaurant staple here is tochitura, a meaty stew served in a spicy tomato sauce and traditionally topped with a fried egg. This can be enjoyed almost anywhere in Romania, with each area offering its own variety.

The best place to enjoy tochitura on a Danube river cruise is along the Danube Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site offering guests the chance to view more than 300 species of birds while they dine. Imagine spotting a migratory eagle or resident crane as you enjoy a warming bowl of one of Romania’s signature dishes.

Do any of these specialities top your Danube dish wish-list, or have you tried any of these during a river cruise yourself? Let us know using the comment box below!

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